Argentinean couple riding through South America impressed with Guyanese hospitality

Argentinean couple Belen Francesena and Mateo Pinto are very impressed by the hospitality of the Guyanese people, as they ride through South America.

The pair recently shared their story with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Touring the Rupununi

Belen 27, and Mateo 31, are using bicycles to tour the South American continent and Guyana, is the eighth country on the continent that they have passed through.

Mateo initially began his travels with his dog, which he said inspired him to start the journey, but sadly the dog later died.

The couple at the Kingston Seawall

The couple met while travelling through Argentina about two and a half years ago in the Andes.

The duo entered Guyana through the border with Brazil and spent some time in the Rupununi touring various parts of the region with tour guide, Jonathan Joseph.

They related that it was enjoyable touring the jungle of Guyana, seeing different animals, including a macaw for the first time.

At the St George’s Cathedral

“The experience is very good, see very, very good People Love…the country is very small, but the people’ hearts are very big, beautiful, people beautiful,” Mateo said.

They related that the journey has been quite an adventure.

“We try to go 70 kilometres per day. In the afternoon, we search a place for camp, or hammocks,” Belen related.

The Couple poses at the ‘One Guyana Sign’

In Guyana, they met a lot of helpful and generous people, especially along the way from the Rupununi, who offered them food and a place to sleep.

They had a difficulty at Iwokrama, when Belen fell ill and could not make the ride to Georgetown. Instead, she was transported to the city by a good Samaritan.

However, Mateo had to make the journey alone by bicycle. He recounted that this was the most difficult for him as he was without a phone or google maps. With the help of strangers along the way, he made it safely to Georgetown.

Walking down Main Street

He especially expresses gratitude to the police at Linden who offered him food, drinks and money, and ensured he was alright.

Overall, it took him eleven days from Rupununi to Georgetown.

Once in Region Four, they settled at an acquaintance they met while in Lethem.

Photos of the couple in the countries they have visited so far

“We miss our family. He has one sister, two brothers and a mother. They write me for him. I have a mother, father, seven brothers and sisters that I miss too,” Belen shared.

The pair also made some stops in various parts of Georgetown.

After leaving Guyana, the couple will head east to Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and then back to Argentina.