Budget 2023 is ‘breaking barriers’ – Min Indar

-works to commence in coming week on miscellaneous roads

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to facilitating interventions where there is need, and improving connectivity and infrastructural capabilities countrywide.

To this end, works are set to commence on the rehabilitation of a number of roads in several communities, including Farm, Herstelling and La Parfaite Harmonie.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar during the 2023 budget debates on Monday

“Every community will benefit. We have been on the ground, meeting with our people since the year started, to roll out this programme,” he noted.

The minister was defending the 2023 budget on Monday, pointing out that it was meticulously crafted to shatter barriers.

“This budget will see rapid implementation in 2023. We will put the work out, we will spend this money, we will get the programmes to the people, we will help everyone. This budget is breaking barriers-economic and social. It is designed to help every single man, woman and child. So, anybody coming here to throw cold water on it is just making mischief,”

He added that, “These are actionable items, and programmes delivered to the people of this country. Every community will see development,”

The miscellaneous roads project is geared towards bringing development to the doorstep of residents in several communities, a concept that is just as important as the investment in large-scale infrastructure.

The minister also pointed out that, in 2022, over 1,100 roads were built under the Ministry of Public Works, a true testament to the government’s dedication to improving the infrastructural capacity countrywide.

He noted that billions of dollars were funneled into rehabilitating sea and river defence structures after years of neglect during the previous administration’s tenure.

Further, the new Demerara River Bridge is set to have a lifespan of approximately 100 years. Highlighting that 4.2 million trips have been made across the bridge within the last year, the minister emphasised the need for this investment, in enhancing the lives of all Guyanese.

Meanwhile, Minister Indar said the oil and gas sector is a major part of Guyana’s economy, driving and propelling growth in all sectors with a cascading effect. These resources will be utilised to invest in several sectors, such as agriculture , and major infrastructural projects to drive sustainability.