“Businesses must keep records” – Chief Labour Officer

– Department of Labour will be checking to ensure employees receive accurate pay

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

The Ministry of Social Protection, Department of Labour is working to ensure that businesses improve their record keeping particularly for wages and salaries.

Chief Labour Officer, Charles Ogle said several businesses are still in breach of the labour laws and the department is presently investigating discrimination against some workers. In a recent meeting held at the Labour Department’s Boardroom, Ogle made it clear that any employer who does not adhere to the labour laws will be sanctioned.

“When we conduct inspections, we want to ensure that businesses are paying salaries, fortnightly or weekly. As for overtime, persons working beyond eight hours must be paid overtime,” he noted.

According to the Labour Act, Section 10, employers should be in possession of a wages book, showing the breakdown of the basic and overtime wages. The Chief Labour Officer, said the department will go the extra mile to sensitise employers on workers’ rights.

Ogle pointed out that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) promotes decent work as a key component of national development strategies.

“Guyana’s workforce will change in the near future and it is critical that we ensure workers get their rightful benefits, we at the Labour Department will be tightening our grip on worker’s representation, “Ogle warned.

Images: Abike Barker