‘Buy books, haversacks’ with Education grant

– Minister Indar

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, MP, led the distribution of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant at Lower Kaituma Primary and Powaikuro Church, Region One.

Some $1,235,000 were distributed to the parents and guardians  of students in the areas Tuesday.

Minister Indar advised the recipients to ensure the money is used wisely.

He said, “It’s for you to get your children some kind of boots or haversack or some sort of kit to put their lunch in. You know, school supplies.”

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, MP, addresses residents of Region One

Minister Indar noted that President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali initaited the restarting of the school grant as he has the people of the country at heart. He added that any promise made by President Ali and the PPP/C Government will always be fulfilled.

“I went to school with Dr. Irfaan Ali so I know him long, long… And I also know his heart and the middle of that is his care for the people of this country.

“And because he cares for the people of this country, his policies are reflected, his actions are reflected with that level of care. That is why we have massive grants, cash grants that are coming out. We had the COVID-19 relief, Christmas time you had gifts coming out, presidential grants we had.”

Several recipients of the grants assured DPI that the money would be used to meet their children’s needs.

Resident of Powaikuro, Elton Lewis collecting the grants for his children

Mr. Roy Jeffery said, “With this money here, I have to buy some uniform and pencil and eraser for the children them education…I would like to thank the Government for the cash grant that they give us and pray [Dr. Ali] that God can keep him safe.”

Mr. Elton Lewis  said the money will help him to buy necessities for his seven children.

“My plan is to buy school clothes, school bags, school boots, pencil, books and so for the children… We thank the Government for helping we parents, and we thank the Government so much for this help and we appreciate that.”

Mr. Elton Lewis

Mr. Rudolph Sam, a father of four is most grateful for the grant as he currently unemployed.

“We thank the President so much that he could help we cause we are without a job in the community and no job to support the children them… We thank the President for helping us this day…I plan on buying uniform and footwear and bags and socks for the children them.”

Minster Indar is part of a Ministerial team which fanned out across the regions to distribute the grants to every child in the public school system.

Each child from nursery through secondary is entitled to $19,000: $15,000 under the ‘Because We Care’ programme and a $4,000 school uniform and supples voucher. Some  $3.2 billion has been allocated for the ‘Because We Care’ iniativie.