Christmas Shopping at Giftland Mall

– “Giftland is the hot spot”

 DPI, Friday, December 6, 2019

Giftland Mall is already in the Christmas spirit with stunning decorations and joyful Christmas music throughout the facility.


Giftland Mall entrance

The shopping centre is attracting its fair share of customers as the season progresses. Xandra Pierre, a regular customer, has started shopping toys for her children, nieces and nephews.

“This is the number one spot … although there’s MovieTowne and everything, I think Giftland is the number one spot. At least that’s where I have been shopping for years now,” she told DPI on Friday.

Pierre added that this was one of her many shopping days since she is yet to get into the Christmas mood.

“I don’t really feel the [Christmas] spirit as yet…maybe because I have not been hearing too much Christmas music, unless you come into a store.”

Alison Ryan, another customer, who was shopping for household items, said she preferred Giftland because she felt more comfortable there and prices were reasonable.

But unlike Pierre, Ryan is feeling the Christmas vibe, and she expects to finish her shopping by next weekend.

“I have a lot of shopping to do. I am trying to do it before it gets down close into the Christmas. I hate doing it so late … I never like [the last-minute shopping]. I like to do my things early and finish.”

Meanwhile, Elton Morna and his wife were shopping for table mats and other domestic items.


“Giftland is a place that got a variety of stuff [and] I can come to Giftland and pick up almost everything that you need for the Christmas,” Morna said.

He relayed that he had been feeling the Christmas spirit since last month.

Another customer, Bernadette, shared her Christmas thoughts. “[It’s] very festive, especially coming in here you can feel the Christmas [vibe] … the atmosphere is so beautiful [and] the decorations are gorgeous.”


Bernadette, who was shopping for gift bags and home decorations, told DPI that there’s nothing like Christmas in Guyana.

Latoya, a Senior Customer Service Representative for the gifts department, expects the Christmas shopping to pick up this weekend.