City Hall, GPL debt issue should be resolved by entities – Minister Harmon

Georgetown, GINA, Thursday, November 24, 2016

The indebtedness of the City Hall to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Incorporated to the amount of almost $2 billion is a matter for the two entities to resolve.

City Hall

City Hall

Speaking at today’s Post- Cabinet media briefing, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon gave this response when asked about the still to be resolved issue of the outstanding debt. Minister Harmon reminded that City Hall that is, the Mayor and City Council comprises elected persons and GPL, though state owned, is an incorporated company.

Minister Harmon stated, “I would say that the two should meet and find some common ground, which would not affect the citizens of this capital, especially at this Christmas time.”

City Hall has found itself under increasing pressure over the years to meet its statutory obligations. The Council’s difficulties have been compounded by its inability to collect billions of dollars owed in rates and taxes, as well as other fees owed by businesses and the citizenry. In 2013, it reported that GPL was owed in excess of $800 million for its provision of street lighting services, by City Hall.