Close to 5,000 issues addressed at OP Direct in Region Three, residents elated

Residents came out in droves on Friday for the final day of the OP Direct outreach at the Leonora Track and Field Facility, Region Three (Essequibo Islands, West Demerara).

The outreach came to a solid close with close to 5,000 issues being addressed, and almost 2,000 resolved, varying from housing, public assistance, and NIS matters.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information, the residents lauded the initiative, noting that it speaks volumes about President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s dedication to working with people in all regions.

Balram Beepat, from Unity, East Bank Essequibo, visited the Human Services and Social Security booth to enquire about public assistance. He commended the initiative and the host of interventions President Ali has been implementing since assuming office.  “I feel so fortunate to come here and to get through so fast. Since I came, everyone here has been ready to assist me. I want to thank the President for all he is doing in Guyana. It brings us a lot of relief.”

Balram Beepat

Wayne Bailey, of Anna Catherina, expressed admiration for the down-to-earth approach being utilised to reach citizens. He said, “It is a wonderful thing that the President is doing, because he is reaching the very ordinary person who would have encountered difficulties in the past. He is taking it to the ordinary man where he can easily get assistance.”

Wayne Bailey

Further, Lenny (only name given), added his voice to the slew of commendations for President Ali’s initiative, saying, “It’s a wonderful idea to have a one-stop shop for everything, and he himself is here, so he can resolve any issues that cannot be resolved by the ministries. So, it is a wonderful idea, and everything is organised and computerised so that they can follow up at a later date. Sometimes you would want an issue resolved and you would have to go to the different ministries, and it can be stressful. But, with this, with him coming out and people being able to reach him directly, so much can be resolved.”


For Ava Roberts-James, the outreach and the President Ali’s interventions have been making an impact countrywide, “I think what the government is doing is satisfying to the people of Guyana. Sometimes you would apply for assistance and wait years, but now you can come in and get through on the spot.”

Ava Roberts-James

Another satisfied resident was Keisha Price, who said, “I think this is amazing. I’ve already seen a lot of changes, and I feel that the President is making everything convenient for everyone, and it is a great move.”

Keisha Price

Breina Bacchus, who previously resided in Venezuela, said she was relieved and excited to return home to development of this magnitude. She said, “This is a wonderful thing that the President is doing for his people, and since I came home, I’ve seen him doing a lot of great things for all of us.”

Breina Bacchus

Natasha Ramberley, a single mother from Cornelia Ida, is now a recipient of a house lot following a nine-year wait. With tears in her eyes, she relayed, “I feel so much joy. President Ali has done good to me, and good to my kids, and we’re very happy. I hope President Ali keeps up the good work.”

Natasha Ramberley

A number of agencies were present at the outreach to offer their services, including the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, Ministry of Housing and Water- Central Housing and Planning Authority, Guyana Online Academy of Learning, Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), among several others. This is the second OP Direct outreach aimed at directly and comprehensively resolving issues affecting citizens. The first outreach, held in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice Corentyne), attracted over 2, 000 residents.