Construction of $413M Leguan stelling progressing smoothly

Works on the $413 million Leguan Stelling is progressing smoothly.

Ongoing works on the Leguan Stelling

The update was provided by the General Manager of the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD), Marclene Merchant during a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Concrete works are 75 per cent completed. While the linkspan bridge and pontoon will be installed upon completion of the current section of works being undertaken,” she stated.

Ongoing works on the Leguan Stelling

The project consists of two components geared at achieving the complete rehabilitation of the timber structure and the expansion of the stelling platform, through the construction of the reinforced concrete stelling that will be adjacent and adjoining to the existing structure.

All of the rehabilitation works on the existing timber carriageway have been completed and that work involves the replacement of deteriorated foundation piles.

The new reinforced concrete section of the stelling will be constructed on 228 prestressed concrete piles and will measure some 160 by 130 ft.

Currently, the overall progress of the project stands at a commendable 58.64 per cent with 75 per cent of the concrete works completed.

Merchant noted that a significant area of 10,850 square feet has been successfully completed, while construction efforts are ongoing for an additional 2,825 square feet.

However, 4,475 square feet still require attention to reach the projected completion date of June month end.

Ongoing works on the Leguan Stelling

Additionally, works under construction include the abutment beam and section four of the deck beam. These particular sections play a crucial role in the overall structure and functionality of the Leguan Stelling.

When completed, the unifloat pontoon and linkspan bridge will be installed, further enhancing the stelling’s capabilities.

The installation of the linkspan bridge will facilitate the mooring of the ferry, the off-loading of commodities, and the ingress and egress of passengers and vehicles.

Similarly, on the pontoon with the low tide or high tide, the vehicles will enter and exit with greater ease as well.

These components will significantly contribute to the seamless connection between the island of Leguan and Georgetown, as they will improve accessibility, streamline transportation, and create opportunities for economic growth and development in the region.

The rehabilitation of the stelling is being undertaken by S. Maraj Contracting Services.