Contractor maintaining Ogle airport access road

The Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) wishes to notify the general public, especially those persons who frequently use the Ogle Airport Access Road, that this road is being maintained in its current state, until its planned expansion into a four-lane carriageway.

The Ministry assures everyone that Contractor Ashoka Buildcon Limited, the company currently constructing the Ogle to Eccles bypass road, has started maintenance work on the Ogle Airport Access Road to allow for the smooth flow of traffic.

Members of the public are also reminded, that even with continued maintenance, the Ogle Airport Access Road is likely to have depressions along the route, as well as be susceptible to holes and erosion, due to continued use by large vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and those who carelessly use the road shoulder as a lane. 

However, the Ministry assures everyone that this will not be forever, as work on the Ogle to Eccles bypass road is being done in sections, and very soon as the utility poles and water mains are relocated, work will start on the four-lane (Ogle Airport Access Road).

The entire Ogle to Eccles bypass road is to be completed by October 2024.  

The Ministry, therefore, urges your continued patience and understanding as these projects are being executed concurrently, and thank you sincerely for continuing to be our partners in development.