Current Social Services Sectoral Committee to take up work of dissolved committee

The National Assembly on Monday unanimously passed a motion for the current Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services (PSCSS) to adopt all outstanding work of the previous committee.

The Social Services Committee of the Eleventh parliament, which was chaired by the former APNU+AFC Administration, was dissolved after the cessation of Parliament in late 2019 to prepare for regional and general elections the following year.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud

The committee, like all other select committees, is responsible for the examination of all policies and administrative tasks taken within the relevant sector.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security and Chairperson of the PSCSS, Dr Vindhya Persaud, M.P, tabled the motion on Monday, noting that the committee unites the House in ways other pivotal matters do not.

“This is a committee that brings together both sides of the house, to look at commonalities as it relates to social ills and how we can, in a very comprehensive and collective manner, tackle those areas especially as it refers to how it relates to policy, legislation and also the operation of various key entities within the ambit of social services,” she said.

Vice-chair of the committee and Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr Karen Cummings, fully supported the motion as she opined it is necessary for the continued development and improvement of social services offered to the citizens of Guyana.

“We will continue unhindered. We are all Guyanese, on both sides of the divide, and we have to keep that in front of us, that we are One People, One Nation and One Destiny and our goal is to ensure that our people in Guyana live happy and healthy lives and so…I want to commend [and] support…this motion,” she said.

Dr. Persaud said she is committed to continuing the work of the PSCSS, as it is one where cooperation is always at the forefront.

“[This] is a sectoral committee where we can frankly and candidly share our perspectives and views and I have no doubt that if we continue in the same vein…we can definitely achieve much and so I look forward to working in tandem with all of the members of the committee,” the minister said.