Dancehall Monarch competition to ‘spice up’ 2024 Mashramani celebration

─ Min. Ramson announces new feature

The government has announced the addition of a new competition called ‘Dancehall Monarch’ to the Mashramani 2024 calendar of events.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charles Ramson Jr said recently that the competition has been in the pipeline for some time.

He noted that the decision to add the competition reflects the ministry’s commitment to expanding and improving the festival, which is a unique and important Guyanese product.

“The ministry is firmly committed to seeing the expansion of this unique Guyanese product which is Mashramani and we are looking forward to seeing it turn into a real-world class event,” he stated.

Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport, Hon. Charles Ramson

The addition of the Dancehall competition is expected to make it even more exciting and vibrant.

“The question is why not? We know that Chutney is authentic Guyanese, as a matter of fact, it started in Guyana. Soca is…authentic West Indian [and] so is Calypso. What else is authentic West Indian?” the minister asked.

He said that government is committed to the expansion of the general Mashramani competition and modern representation of dancehall. The government’s commitment to the festival is a testament to its belief in the importance of cultural heritage and national pride.