Develop hidden qualities of youths, according to Divisional Commander, Clifton Hicken

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, January 23, 2017

Guyana needs to create an atmosphere to help develop the hidden qualities of theyouths in a positive way, according to Divisional Commander, Clifton Hicken.“We need to develop the qualities of the youths and focus on them in a positive way and not exploit the youths in a wrong direction,” Commander Hicken was  at the time addressing the gathering last Saturday at the Division Youth Group Brand launching, at the Police Officer’s Annexe, Eve Leary, Kingston.

The variety of food and products made by the youths

Commander Hicken added that it is the nation’s responsibility to explore the talents of the youths especially in the fields that they are interested in. He highlighted that the Police Youth Groups focus on the interests of the communities relating to the crime levels and productivity of the youths.

“If you see a child doing something wrong don’t beat them, harass or call them names but encourage them to turn that bad into something good,” Commander Hicken urged.

Meanwhile, the Police Youth Groups will be providing training for the youths to shift themselves into entrepreneurship which will also assist in branding communities to bridge a relationship between the Police and communities.

“We have been working to do skills training every Saturday but looking at the

Malika Hollingsworth, a member of the Police Youth Group

community needs, we have decided adding to the skill training. There is an urgent need for young entrepreneurs because it helps them to think out of the box too and we decided to give recognition to communities to which these children belong by branding,” Commander Hicken explained.

The Commander stressed that that the initiative will help develop young entrepreneurship skilsl.He noted that parents are also interested in the initiative.

Divisional Commander, Clifton Hicken

Malika Hollingsworth a youth member of the Timerhi North Action Group said that she has learned a great deal from the programme since she joined six months ago.

“From this part of the youth group I’m learning a lot, such as how to make mat, how to do sewing and I have been on a camping out and I learnt lot of things whilst camping out. Like, I learn to make decorative doll and bridal doll through a flower petal and I communicate with lots other kids from other parts of the group. I learnt a lot from camping and a lot more. I hope someone join me someday to explore the rest there is to,” Hollingsworth added.

Commander Hicken noted that stakeholders are drawn to the initiative created to highlight the products made by the youths. He hopes that the products will be marketed within three months.

The youths will be showcasing their products at Guyexpo 2017 as part of the effort to expand their businesses.

The Police Youth Group is designed to develop the young people from various communities economically so that they in turn can positively contribute to their communities.


By: Neola Damon