Dislodged seawall barriers replaced

DPI, GUYANA, Sunday, October 08, 2017

Emergency works were today completed on the Georgetown seawall after approximately twelve concrete wave barriers were dislodged last evening. Chief Sea and River Defence Officer, at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Kevin Samad told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the dislodged barriers were removed and replaced with new ones.

Newly rehabilitated seawall barrier.

Samad explained to DPI that the steel rods that were used to anchor the barrier to the existing wall corroded extensively resulting in the barriers being dislodged following intense wave impact last evening and this morning.

The Chief Sea and River Defense Officer further explained that currently there is heavy overtopping from the spring tide. The high tide period began on October 3 and runs to October 9. Last evening the tide was its highest for this period at 3.22 meters high.

“These dislodged barriers were done as a temporary intervention in 2013, by the Ministry’s Force Account Unit subsequent to major overtopping and flooding along the Rupert Craig Highway,” Samad explained.

The Ministry will continue to monitor the situation as well as other areas around the country during the high tide period. The Ministry has advised that residents along the low lying coast take the necessary precautionary measures against any unforeseen flooding.


By: Ranetta La Fleur

Newly rehabilitated seawall barrier.

Newly rehabilitated seawall barrier.