Distribution of education grants a smooth process, hallmark activity – Education minister

The disbursement of the $40,000 education cash grant for children in public and private schools has been described as a smooth process and hallmark activity by Minister of Education.  

The minister made the remarks during the signing ceremony to rebuild St George’s High School on Friday.

It was a very smooth process…We did very well. I am pleased with the efforts that went into getting us here but also went into rolling this out,” Minister Manickchand underlined.

The distribution of the grant commenced on June 5 and will continue across the country.

“So, in every region, there are people who couldn’t make it for various reasons. So, we have one final day in every region where there is a central point that people can go to pick this up,” Minister Manickchand disclosed.

She emphasised that persons in far-flung areas will also receive the grant.

“For example, we attempted to go to Eterinbang yesterday, and that was a disaster due to the weather. We actually got there and had to turn back. I know some places, for example, Karisparu, we have to get a particular type of aircraft because only the chopper can land there.

“Gunns Village, that is at the bottom of the map, has peculiar conditions about how to get there again. We have a few places left. We are not neglecting those. We just have to work on them,” the education minister explained.

The increase to $35,000 together with the $5,000 for school uniforms and other supplies, will ensure each school child receives $40,000.