Education on Guyana’s Constitution begins nationwide.

−OPM team visits Region 2

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Government of Guyana, through the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), has started a nationwide exercise to educate citizens about the Constitution. This is in keeping with the administration’s plans for constitutional reform.

The OPM’s Department of Governance Coordinator Tamara Khan is leading the exercise.

The team recently spent three days in Region Two speaking with students and educators about the Constitution.

On their first day out, they visited the Wakapau Secondary School and then the Abrams Zuil Secondary.

“The Honourable Prime Minister and the Government of Guyana felt that the Constitution of Guyana is a document that is relevant to every citizen and so we have to start a process of education on the document,” Khan told students at Wakapau.

Khan explained certain aspects of the constitution to both students and teachers, in separate sessions, focusing on the human rights provisions.

She made a point of cautioning citizens to always be responsible in the enjoyment of their rights and freedoms.

“You cannot be reckless with your rights and endanger the state and fellow citizens. You have to be responsible. So, there are limitations,” Khan explained.

“The Constitution is the highest law in the country; it is the supreme law, no other law can stand against it, other laws must be in conformity with it,” she added.

Afterwards, both students and teachers expressed their gratitude for the session.

“I feel very good because I never knew about my rights as an individual. I feel excited to learn about it,” said Anasha Richards, a student at Wakapau Secondary.

Headmaster of Wakapau Secondary School, Bulram Mohan also expressed satisfaction saying the next step was to share the knowledge with other Wakapau residents.

Over at Abrams Zuil Secondary, Omarion Smart said that he learnt a lot about the rights of citizens and countries. “The session that happened today was quite encouraging. I think persons should really consider what was taught.”

The exercise will be taken to other communities in the various regions across the country.