Extra earnings, more excitement for vendors this Easter

The excitement was high among many small business owners and vendors, who set up stands in parks, along the seawalls, and other public spaces to attract the thousands of Guyanese who came out to celebrate Easter on Monday.

With their colourful display of kites, handcrafted items, and tasty treats and toys for the children, several entrepreneurs said they make extra money while celebrating the festivity with their families and friends.

A vendor showcasing her Easter craft at the National Park

The impact of Easter on these vendors cannot be overstated, with more people out and about, their sales increase.

‘Snow cone man’, Glen Jones was seen serving up frozen treats with unbridled enthusiasm at the Botanical Gardens.

Glen Jones is engaging a customer

With a wide grin and a twinkle in his eye, Jones told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that, “for the Easter, business has been going fairly well. We are getting customers.  As you can see the place is packed, so people are coming.”

Another vendor, Gary Barker believes that Easter is one of the busiest times of the year, noting that the season provides an opportunity for vendors to showcase their creativity and market their products to a wider demographic.

“We are exhibiting and selling at the same time, we are expecting a very good turn-out. For now, it’s going well, but later on, when the sun goes down, we will have a very good turn-out,” Barker said.

Vendor, Gary Barker

Linda Stewart was out early with her cooler filled with beverages. While this is her first time selling, Stewart was adamant that she will reap great financial benefits during the day.   

“Well, I’m expecting to sell off my stuff and make a lot of money,” she stated.

Vendor, Linda Stewart

Over at the National Park, Aluko Venture said he looks forward to every holiday in Guyana, especially since his sales would normally escalate.

“Every year… more people are coming to Guyana to support Easter and other holidays like Mashramani. Mostly, with holidays, sales go up. I like the turnout because last year was not as big,” the elated plantain chip vendor emphasised.

Vendor, Aluko Venture

Meanwhile, Amrit Nejal along with his wife travelled from Suriname to offer his mouth-watering dishes and exotic foreign drinks to Guyanese.

We have Suriname dishes and foreign drinks. We know how Easter does be crowded. So, we wanted to bring out our stuff to the Guyana public,” Nejal told DPI.

Surinamese vendor, Amrit Nejal

The Easter season in Guyana is a time of vibrant energy, with even visitors from far and wide flocking to the country to experience its unique and diverse culture.

The significance of Easter lies in the Christian belief that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. The event is considered the cornerstone of the Christian faith and represents hope, renewal, and new beginnings.