First off-road ATV adventure to Moraikobai proven successful

The Indigenous community of Moraikobai in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), for the first-time welcomed tourists, who travelled there by All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on an adventure organised by Savannah Tours.

Savannah Tours, with support from the Guyana Tourism Authority, on July 29 and 30 took persons on an off-road adventure to the village.


The group of nine travelled from Yarrowkabra on the Soesdyke-Linden highway, through the savannahs to St. Cuthbert’s Mission.

“It’s always a privilege to have tourists, both local and international passing through our village. Tourism is something that we are focusing on right now,” said Toshao of St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Timothy Andrews, as he welcomed the visitors.

Along the trail from St. Cuthbert’s Mission to Moraikobai

After leaving St. Cuthbert’s Mission, the group travelled another 140 kilometres to Moraikobai, through various terrain and changing weather.

The tourists arrived in the village, as the community was hosting its village day activities and were happy to indulge in the festivities.

A brief stop at Bimichi Eco Lodge in St. Cuthbert’s Mission

They spent the night in the community and was ready to hit the trails again on Sunday, July 30.

“I choose to bring my wife along with me on an ATV trip and I totally, totally recommend an ATV tour with Savannah Drive, it was worth every penny,” said Nicholas Persaud.  

Nicholas and Joan Persaud

Persaud’s wife,Joan Persaud, was thrilled to be a part of the maiden trip.

“It was an excellent trip, we really enjoy it, the ATV, I was scared to be honest, but it was really fun, we enjoyed ourselves …and we recommend the public to come out when we have tours with ATV. It’s really fun, take it from me, and I’m shy, not so adventurous but I think I’m getting into it now,”she said.

Conquering the rough terrain along the way to Moraikobai

First time visitor to Moraikobai, Thiago Thomas, also spoke of his experience.

“It was fun coming in with Savannah Tour and the road was rough, the road was really hard but we made it here. It was a nice experience for me coming to Moraikobai for the first time. I really like the place, I like the creek, I like the people, it’s awesome here,” he shared.

A picturesque view in Moraikobai

The Moraikobai Village Council is also working to develop its tourism product, to improve the local economy.

Village Councillor, Collin Adrian noted that,The Savannah Drive was actually one of the first person to highlight that we have potential and now I would say that we are in partnership. I would say it’s a welcomed initiative in getting this work finished that we can be able to move tourism across the board, not only in Moraikobai but across the country.”

Toshao of Moraikobai Village, Derrick John

Toshao Derrick John was also pleased with the initiative.

Meanwhile, Owner of Savannah Tours, Shane D’Andrade, said it was always his dream to be able to take tourists to that community, as they support the local businesses.

Children frolicking in the creek at Moraikobai

“This is our inaugural trip to Moraikobai, from Yarrowkabra to St. Cuthbert’s to Moraikobai, we had a wonderful, wonderful trip…on the ATV, I think it is just one of the best things I ever came up with, hopefully I can do this more regular for the village to have a little bit more income,” D’Andrade added.