Further discussions this week on licencing of teachers- Minister Manickchand

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, M.P, will meet this week with other education officials to further discuss the appraisal instruments for the licencing of teachers.  

The minister, who was at the time speaking on the News-Talk radio, on Monday, said while there is no appraisal structure established to assess the competency of every teacher, it is their unique quality that will set them apart from the rest.

Minister of Education, Hon. Priya Manickchand

“We have to constantly make sure we assess those who deliver to determine whether they are competent to do that delivery of (education). The truth is, if you start early enough and you live long enough, you are going to be a headteacher and a deputy head and so on in the country, but it has to be based on more than that.

It has to be based on competence, dedication and has been based on a deep interest reflected and manifested in results over the years. You can be a person in the education system, and from year to year, there is no difference in your output, once your input scores are different. So, these are things that we have to look at clinically almost across the country,” Minister Manickchand explained.

The education minister stressed that while change is never easy, those interested in improving the education sector will work with the ministry to ensure the nation’s youth become well-rounded individuals.

“This licencing of teachers might be a broad concept, but making sure the person who stands in front of the classroom is competent is not new to the world. We are trying to catch up with CARICOM.”

“An educated and developed country will be capable of looking after its resources in a more sustainable way to not only enrich our country’s life but the generations that will follow.”

Late last year, the minister announced the ministry’s plans to have all teachers in the system licenced beginning 2022, to strengthen the education sector.

As it relates to teachers evaluating education officers anonymously, Minister Manickchand said she sees no issues with this, as it will allow them to hold each other accountable.

“Our education officers must be the best of the best and so that we should not hesitate in demanding of our service providers in this country, whether it be teachers, education officers or public servants across the counter, the very best they have to offer and demanding that their skills be improved.”


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