Georgetown David ‘G’ Bus rolls out for new school term

DPI, GUYANA, Monday, September 4, 2017

The New School Term began today with the roll-out of one of the Georgetown David G School Buses, from the South Ruimveldt area. The bus was parked at the junction of Well and Aubrey Barker Roads from 7:00 hours, to collect secondary school children from the surrounding communities of North and South Ruimveldt.

The David ‘G’ School Bus on Mandela Avenue.

It departed at 7:30hours, travelling along Mandela Avenue, on to Homestretch Avenue, then along Croal Street with the final stop at the Metro Building. The bus will make three drops, between the hours of 7:30 to 10:30 am, and afternoon drops as well from Mondays to Fridays.

Many students were surprised to learn that the bus ride was free and that the vehicle will be available in the afternoon to transport them home.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with some of the students to gather their impressions on the provision of free transportation for school children

Shakieda Emanuel, of North Georgetown Secondary, “This is very nice of David Granger, doing it will help us save our parents’ money, I am very happy … and proud and it will help me get to school on time to start my classes.”

Samuel Pickering, of St. Joseph High School, “It’s nice that David Granger set up this bus for us secondary school children because I know many of us like to lime at the park and it’s really good of him because it can help us save … money and help us to reach to school on time.”

Olesha Carter, of St. Roses High, “I think that the initiative with the new school buses is a very good initiative because this morning I don’t have to wait on transportation and I have more school money for lunch and other snacks and so on and I think David Granger has really out done himself with this initiative and I am grateful for the school transportation this morning.”

Danielle Carter, of East Ruimveldt Secondary School, “I can save money, $120 a day and I think that it’s very good, at least I could have more money to buy lunch so that I can save, so that when I get older …at least I can get a job off my own with my distinctions and grade ones.”

Shuika Sinclair, of North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School, “I am happy for this school bus because I will get to save money and my parents as well.”

Bus driver Orin Daniels said he will take pride in his task of transporting the children.  A driver for the last ten years, he jumped at the chance to transport students as a way of giving back.

He noted that, “When it comes to children and getting education…I have a deep conviction about that, because I drive bus for 10 years and I see all what goes on and it hurts my heart plenty of times to see children liming, children ain’t going to school, people children coming on the bus and saying they ain’t get money to go home.  So, I think this is a very good initiative by his excellency and I hope that the children take full advantage of it with the parents, because it will save them a lot, both parents and child.”

President David Granger, on August 21 commissioned three new 35-seater buses, which will convey school children in the North and South areas of Georgetown, under the Five ‘Bs’ programme – Boats, Buses, Bicycles plus Breakfast and Books.

The President at the commissioning of the Buses said, “We see education as the gateway to the good life. We see that by providing these buses, boats and bicycles that we will improve access to schools; we will improve attendance and in so doing, we see improved achievement. We want to see ‘A’ students and those are the ‘A’s we are working towards today; access, attendance and achievement.”,

President Granger promised government’s commitment towards ensuring that every Guyanese child has access to an education. He said the buses will not just be transporting school children, but the future engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and pioneers.


By: Gabreila Patram

Driver Orin Daniels.

Students disembarking.


Students disembarking.

Students boarding the David ‘G’ Bus.