Global best practices for Property assessments

A Ministry of Communities Press Release

The Ministry of Communities hosted Mr. Michael C. Chettleburgh, Co-Founder and President of AxiLogic Inc. and Mr Antoni Wisniowshi from Municipal Property Assessments Canada (MPAC) during the period Friday 11 to Tuesday 15th August 2017.   Meetings were held with the Hon. Minister Ronald Bulkan and permanent secretary Mr. Emil McGarrell, of the Ministry of communities; Dr. Hector Butts, Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Chief Valuation Officer (ag) and representatives from the municipalities of Bartica, Linden, New Amsterdam, Rose Hall and Georgetown.

The primary objective of the visit was to share global best practices, technological solutions used in mass property assessments and explore options for collaboration in the transformation and modernisation of our municipal property assessment framework.

A current value property register (or assets register), is an important input to the management function of any organisation, LDOs being no exception. An updated municipal property register is key to council’s empowerment to be effective in the discharge of its functions and to its financial viability. Discussions revolved around the design of an equitable framework for assessments, taking account of rural/urban socio – economic factors.

left to right: Ministry of Communities Permanent Secretary Emil McGarrell, Roger Rogers Special Projects Officer Moc, Advisor to Minister Bulkan Derek Kowlesser, Mr. Michael C. Chettleburgh President AxiLogic Inc, Minister of Communities Hon. Ronald Bulkan and Mr Antoni Wisniowshi of Municipal Property Assessments Canada.