Government’s cash grant for private school children rolls out in Region Three

Parents and guardians of children attending private schools in Region Three are high in praise for the Government’s ‘Because we care” cash grant and school uniforms and supplies voucher programme which commenced distribution today.

Some 17,000 students are set to benefit from the $320 million programme.

A parent uplifting the grant at the Meten-meer-Zorg Islamic Academy

Speaking to DPI, many expressed gratitude to the Government for extending the initiative to include the entire school population, and not just those in the public school system.

Clive Lloyd a labourer and father of two, said while he tries his best to ensure his children receive a solid education, it is sometimes difficult. The grant he said, will go a long way in providing much needed assistance.

Clive Lloyd a labourer and father of two

“It’s very good to help the children because you have to buy textbooks and I am a labourer so meh ah try with them fuh give them education.”

Treyanna Austin who visited the Saraswati Vidya Niketan to uplift the grant for her sister praised the government for the initiative.

Treyanna Austin

“I think it’s something great they are doing. It shows that it’s not just the government schools they are into, but the private schools too.”

Alicia Parhoo, a mother of one shared similar sentiments.

Alicia Parhoo, a mother of one

“I think it’s a wonderful thing the government is doing, it’s really good…I want to say thanks and to continue doing a great job.”

Meanwhile, both Asim Ousman and Iuiwn Heung said the grant shows that the government is committed to serving the people without discrimination.

Asim Ousman, father of seven

The programme, is the brainchild of the PPP/C Government. It has seen widespread popularity over the years, until it was discontinued by the APNU/AFC during its tenure in office. It has since been restarted by the new PPP/C Government with major increase to the grant.

Iuiwn Heung

The ‘Because We Care’ grant is now valued at $15,000 and the school uniform and supplies grant at $4,000, amounting to $19,000 per student. Some $3.3 billion has already been distributed to parents of more than 175,000 students. The grant is expected to increase to $50,000 over the next five years.