Gov’t calls for responsible content delivery from broadcasting stakeholders

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy has underscored the critical role of broadcasting entities in Guyana, urging them to uphold the highest standards of responsibility.

The minister was on Wednesday morning addressing a stakeholders’ forum at the Herdmanston Lodge.

Minister McCoy addresses the gathering

Minister McCoy emphasised the need for broadcasters to operate at a level that garners admiration both locally and internationally.

“We try to work with our broadcasters but then as we think about where we need to be as a society and how much improvement we need in relation to our broadcasting landscape, you as individual broadcasters must think of how exactly ‘I can contribute to this particular responsibility of mine and development’, so that we can operate at the highest level in our society,” the public affairs minister encouraged.

Minister McCoy sits with members of the GNBA Board

Acknowledging the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), he commended its efforts in engaging stakeholders to elevate broadcasting standards.

As Guyana advances, Minister McCoy stressed the gravity of broadcasters’ responsibility to deliver content devoid of misinformation, disinformation, and incitement to violence.

Minister McCoy interacts with broadcasting stakeholders

Despite ongoing notifications of infractions, the minister expressed concern over recurrent lapses, as he reminded of the duty to educate, inform, and entertain responsibly, cautioning against misleading narratives on sensitive issues.

“We have a responsibility to our people to make sure that whatever we educate them on, we inform them about and we entertain them with, are stuff that they can grow from, that can edify them, that could take them up intellectually,” he reemphasised.

Some of the attendees at the engagement

Assuring continued government support for GNBA, Minister McCoy affirmed the commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest broadcasting standards for the people of Guyana.