Gov’t maximising oil and gas resources to benefit all Guyanese – Min. Bharrat

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat has restated government’s commitment to maximising efforts in the oil and gas sector to the benefit of all Guyanese.

Speaking during a television programme on Monday evening, the minister said the many investors who initially expressed interest in the oil and gas sector have begun to recognise the monumental potential of other sectors, such as agriculture and tourism.

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat

He noted that, “It is partly the oil and gas sector that is bringing investments to our shores. However, it is also the proactive approach of the government in providing incentives in the non-oil economy.”

One of these incentives is the provision of planting materials and equipment to expand the agriculture sector, bringing the country closer to achieving food security.

“As a government we are ensuring that our policies are geared towards attracting investment in all sectors. We are playing our role in ensuring that there is energy and food security and ensuring that our environmental credentials as a region are secure,” Minister Bharrat posited.

He added that this approach is intended to expand the range of employment opportunities for Guyanese. The local content legislation is another measure to ensure Guyanese are provided with employment opportunities.

Guyanese at the grassroots level are prioritised in the midst of the large-scale transformational infrastructural and technological development unfolding, through heavy investments in the health, education and other sectors.

Further, with the International Energy Conference and Expo set to commence Tuesday, the minister said the aim of government is to showcase Guyana’s potential to local, regional and international investors, building on the traction gained from the previous year’s expo.

The natural resources minister noted that, “We as a government and as a people want to look at this conference as an opportunity to showcase Guyana, not only our vast discoveries and resources, but what Guyana really has to offer in terms of investment opportunities across all sectors,”

The theme for this year’s energy conference and expo is ‘Harnessing Energy for Development’. It will see the involvement of some 200 exhibitors and just over 800 delegates and sponsors. This year has already seen a significant increase in participants from 130 to 200.