Gov’t will investigate and eradicate any trace of marginalisation – PM Phillips

As Guyana sees continuous modernisation, investment and large-scale development, the PPP/C Government has vowed to pay keen attention to any reports of marginalisation as part of its mandate to ensure that every single Guyanese, regardless of race, religion, or location, benefits.

During a media engagement on the side-lines of the Ann’s Grove ‘One Guyana’ ministerial outreach, Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips stressed a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, highlighting that the country’s resources, as well as the revenue from the oil and gas industry, are meant to foster development for all Guyanese.

He was at the time, addressing a question regarding concerns of marginalisation on the basis of ethnicity or geographical location.

The prime minister said, “Wherever there appears to be marginalisation or reports of marginalisation, we will investigate those reports, and if those reports have any substance, the corrective actions will be taken. We are a government that is open to criticism, and whatever the criticism, we are committed to investigating and taking corrective action.”

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips

He highlighted that the government has meticulously crafted a development plan for the utilisation of oil and gas resources, one that sees heavy investment in infrastructure, health, education, housing, and human resource.

“What we want to do is utilise the revenue to improve the way people live throughout Guyana. In five years, Guyana will be much different from what you are seeing now,” he said.

Further, the prime minister assured that the government has instituted the legal and regulatory framework to effectively manage the influx of revenue, saying, “In areas that are considered weak, we are open to advise from other countries, we are open to recruiting experts to work on our behalf to improve whatever we are doing.”

Moreover, a key example of how the government intends to sustainably use the revenue from the oil and gas sector is the gas-to-energy project, which will cut electricity costs by more than half, as Guyana transitions to a cheaper and more sustainable natural gas reserve.  Part of the project will see the construction of a natural gas liquid (NGL) plant, which will be designed to separate the natural gas liquids such as ethane and propane, and refine them into high-value products, such as gasoline. 

The project is set to significantly lower the cost of electricity, triggering rapid growth in industrial activity, and promoting a smooth transition to renewable energy sources countrywide.“All these projects are aimed at making Guyana more investor-friendly, and modernising our country. So, when you look around at where Guyana was five years ago, and where we will be five years from now, we will be on par or perhaps even ahead of some neighbouring countries in the Caribbean and South America,” PM Phillips added.