Greater competition, innovation in telecoms sector with govt’s liberalisation policies – President Ali

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has said the liberalisation policies implemented by the government allows for greater competition and innovation in the telecommunications sector, positively impacting consumers.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

The president, who was speaking during the recent opening of the business process outsourcing (BPO) company, Teleperformance (TP) second office at Middle and Thomas Streets, Georgetown, noted that the telecommunications industry has undergone significant changes since the PPP/C Administration took office.

“You will tell me now that your cost of data is coming down and it will come down further, because the environment in which we have been able to create this level of competitiveness at every level, so that your business model and so is the benefit that that liberalisation gave to you. And this is a positive outcome and a direct benefit of the liberalisation.”

A section of the gathering during the launch of the new TP office on Tuesday

Lower data costs mean that more people can access the internet and use online services, which can help drive economic growth and create jobs.

Furthermore, companies like Teleperformance are able to operate on a global scale, which can bring new opportunities and revenue streams to the country.

The new TP office located at Middle and Thomas Streets, Georgetown

The opening of the second location will see 1,000 more Guyanese being gainfully employed.

This is a significant addition to the 1,500 persons already benefitting from employment at the company’s country headquarters at Robb and Camp Streets.

President Ali has since commended the organisers’ innovative decision to expand, especially since the mandate is aligned with his administration’s long-term goals for Guyana.

“We are building a country and sectors that must be able to compete globally. Our markets must not be confined to Guyana and the region. Whatever we do, we are doing it with the best available tools and resources to ensure that we create an ecosystem that places us in global competitiveness,” the president stated.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Office of TP Middle America region, Andres Bernal, said the ribbon cutting ceremony is a logical step forward in a long partnership between the company and the people of Guyana.

“We have the power to change lives, organisations and the world. If we want to dream, we must dream big. Everything is in our mind, heart and decisiveness to make it real. I cannot stop thinking about the next milestone for TP Guyana and its clients. I am very positive that today marks one more step forward in our long, successful journey,” he stated.

Teleperformance is global leader in omnichannel customer experience and according to the company’s website, it has locations in some 80 countries, serving more than 170 markets, communicating in 265 plus languages and dialects.