Guyana observes Earth Hour 2023 by giving ‘the Jaguar a voice’

The Government of Guyana in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) through the “Give the Jaguar a Voice” initiative, has joined millions of people from over 190 countries and territories in observance of Earth Hour 2023, by coordinating turning off the lights for one hour.

The event, held on Saturday at the National Park on Carifesta Avenue, was organised in partnership with government agencies, civil society and non-profit organisations, and other corporate entities.

It aimed to highlight awareness of the conservation and protection of the iconic national symbol, the Jaguar.

The Government of Guyana in collaboration with WWF through the ‘Give the Jaguar a Voice’ initiative, joined over 190 countries and territories in observance of Earth Hour 2023

Hundreds of Guyanese participated in this experience that included, among other things, an exhibition, and a countdown to the lights-off Concert.

Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Robert Persaud said the collaboration with the WWF in observing Earth Hour as a symbolic event, brings awareness to what citizens, communities, and countries should be doing in terms of addressing climate change.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud during Earth Hour 2023 observance at the National Park

“Our government has made it clear in the LCDS 2030 that the conservation and management of our biodiversity is a critical pillar in our overall thrust in terms of managing our environment and ensuring that we uphold our obligations both locally and internationally. We take that very seriously”he stated.

Earth Hour aims to raise awareness that sparks global conversations about protecting nature, addressing the climate crisis, and working together to shape a brighter future for all.

Guyana’s forests, are estimated to store more than 19.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide with the capacity to remove 154 million tonnes more every year from the atmosphere.

The Earth Hour ’60’ logo, represents the 60 minutes focusing on the impact humans have on the planet, while taking positive action to address the environmental issues we all face.

The Earth Hour observance hosted at the National Park on Saturday

Earth Hour has been known for the ‘lights off’ moment – a symbolic event to show collective support for the planet.

The event is part of an annual tradition started by WWF and its partners in 2007 to raise awareness about climate change and educate citizens about their environmental actions; WWF describes Earth Hour as the “largest global grassroots movement for the environment.”