Guyana plays an integral role in finding solutions to key social, economic matters – Foreign Secretary

Guyana continues to play a integral role in finding solutions to key global, regional and national socioeconomic matters that is affecting the world’s population.

At the same time, Guyana is also actively addressing food, climate, and energy security challenges while providing the requisite leadership in these areas.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) last week

Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Robert Persaud has emphasised Guyana’s positive contributions to regional and global efforts in mitigating and adapting to these challenges.

“We are doing our part within the regional and the hemispheric level. We are solution-oriented and so we are deploying our resources for the benefit of the people and also for the development, stability, and prosperity of the wider region,” Persaud was at that speaking during a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Guyana is currently recognised for its leadership in climate security, leveraging its vast rainforest and environmental services to combat climate change effects.

The country also plays a crucial role in regulating rainfall in the Amazon basin, preserving the ecosystem.

Additionally, Guyana is actively involved in the 25 by 25 food security initiative, aimed at boosting food production and reducing the regional food import bill by 25 per cent 2025.  

“On all three issues, Guyana has positioned itself as being a positive contributor to regional, as well as global efforts in us mitigating and even adapting to these realities,” Persaud stated.

An aerial view of Guyana’s landscape of massive development

“We saw the effects of the COVID pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in disrupting logistics […] There is a need for us within the hemisphere to maximise our food production,”the foreign secretary proffered.

Regarding energy security, Persaud noted Guyana’s progress in securing a steady supply of oil and gas, while investing in renewable energy sources like solar farms.

These efforts contribute to economic stability and prosperity, both locally and regionally.

He also underscored Guyana’s commitment to deploying resources for the benefit of its people and the broader region.

The Foreign Secretary called for collective action from the global community to effectively address food, climate, and energy security challenges.