Guyana/US to begin joint offshore exercise on Saturday

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is collaborating with the United States Coast Guard on the first of a series of joint exercises offshore Guyana on Saturday.

The exercise is a direct result of the Shiprider Agreement ratified between the two countries in September 2020.

The U.S Coast Guard Cutter Stone Vessel

In a statement issued on Thursday, the GDF said “this exercise will take place off the coast of Guyana and will focus mainly on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. It will be conducted in collaboration with the U.S Coast Guard Cutter Stone vessel, which is currently in the region for a multi-country tour.”

The Guyana Coast Guard Vessel

The Shiprider Agreement enables joint maritime and airspace patrols to interdict narcotics. It also provides mechanisms to streamline communications between law enforcement officials of Guyana and the US to conduct operations at sea and expedite overflight clearances for law enforcement aircraft when combating drug trafficking.

National Security Advisor to the President, Captain Gerry Gouveia back in September said the Agreement helps to provide much-needed protection to Guyana’s Exclusive Maritime Zone.