Guyanese must resist attempts at regime change -Lincoln Lewis

—no declaration with fraudulent votes

—leaders must come to the table

DPI Guyana, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Veteran Trade Unionist Lincoln Lewis said Guyanese must be prepared to resist any attempts at regime change, including moves for the declaration of a president with the use of fraudulent votes.

Lewis said the situation has evolved to a point where political leaders must now collaborate to bring a solution to the prolonged issue.

Lewis was a guest on the Benschop Radio 107.1 FM on Monday evening.

“Those who are saying that the government must demit office even before the results are announced do not have anything to lose… the only thing I see is to ensure the elections is not declared and the leaders must sit down and determine a new date for the elections and how to clean up the bloated list.”

He noted that the “pressure of regime change” has been placed on every institution including the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and its Chairman.; and called on Justice (ret’d) Claudette Singh not to give assent to any declaration based on invalid votes.

“She needs to draw her resolve from her ancestors and stand up for Guyana and not a political party. She has a vote and a right to withhold that vote if she so chooses,” he stated.

Lincoln, a decades-old trade unionist said the interference by foreign powers is “doing is a grave injustice to this country.” Guyanese, he said need to be mindful of the practice by the international community where citizens are left to fight among themselves while the country’s resources are enjoyed elsewhere.

“What they are asking us to do is reward those people who have stolen the elections, by declaring this election as being true, fair and valid. What is it that we are going to tell our children, grandchildren and other young people that elections are supposed to be rigged?”.

In this regard, Lewis believes that all Guyanese must stand for what is right, by standing against all forms of wrong.

Addressing the current state of affairs, Lewis said there remains a wide cross-section of people, who although they have seen the fraud unearthed in the national recount, is asking that everyone turn a blind eye and allow a group involved in fraudulent actions to take the seat of government.

“Judge them on what is taking place now. They have stuffed the ballot boxes; they have done what they feel should be done to win an election or to see regime change. There is a group of people prepared to join with them to give away the rights of Guyanese people and the country.”

Lewis has now called on GECOM and the Chair to not to allow “these persons to make her the fall guy on this occasion.”

“We have never witnessed what is unfolding now. If Justice Singh when sitting as chief judge vitiated the 1992 elections for less than this, why would she allow herself to be forced into a position to declare something that she knows is not good?” Lewis stated.


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