GuySuCo must change the way it does business – Public Relations Officer Thomas

DPI, Georgetown, Guyana, Tuesday, December 12, 2017

While acknowledging the possible hardships which will result from the laying off thousands of workers, the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GUYSUCO) decisions are guided by market realities and the need to operate in accordance with good business management practices.

Public Relations Officer of GUYSUCO Audreyanna Thomas (centre) and GUYSUCO executives at the press conference.

Public Relations Officer, Audreyanna Thomas, at an earlier Press conference said, with the end of the EU’’s reforms as at September 30, the market has become a more competitive hence the urgency.

“GUYSUCO is a business and we have to eventually progress the corporation to a point where it is run and managed as a business, hence the whole question of improving the integrity of the value chain is important. This includes, from the cultivation, in terms of planting the sugar cane, all the way to the production of the sugar; all the way to selling the sugar. So, as we talk about the new model for GUYSUCO, we have to talk about the integrity of the value chain”, Thomas stated.

Further, the PRO said there is a need for the unions representing the industry’s workers to also change the manner in which they conduct business with the corporation. The Opposition-aligned Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), has been accused of playing politics and being responsible for thousands of productive hours being lost through strike action.

“We have to reorient the whole way we do GUYSUCO. We do the business of sugar and even as GUYSUCO changes its business model, all the other businesses associated with GUYSUCO will also have to change their business model, and that includes unions”, Thomas added.

Just recently, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, during Parliamentary debates explained the decimation of the sugar estates began quite some time now and the Opposition is attempting to deny the major roles it has had in the failure of sugar.

“You have to be a class actor to come into an august assembly such as this and pretend that you have no part in the decimation of the lives of the sugar workers. That you came here with your hands clean as Pontius Pilate and you will pretend you didn’t know where the descent of sugar began”, said Prime Minister Nagamootoo.


By: Kidackie Amsterdam


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