GWI building capacity as well drilling programme accelerates

Twelve Engineers and Technicians have completed the first phase of training in the use of Guyana Water Incorporated’s recently acquired PAT drilling rig to be utilised in hinterland and riverain areas.

This training was conducted over a five (5) day period by Mr. Peter Ball of Supergraphics and saw the participants engaged in both theoretical and practical exercises.

According to GWI’s CEO, Mr. Shaik Baksh, as the company accelerates its well drilling programme in the hinterland, capacity building will go a long way in ensuring its targets are achieved. GWI has plans to drill at least 30 new wells in 2022 and more than 140 wells over the next 3 years.

The Pay drilling rig is expected to go through geographical rock formations in the hinterland which pose a challenge to GWI in drilling wells in a timely manner. Mr. Baksh said that the company is looking to procure a larger rig which will go to greater depths.

The CEO noted that GWI has a dynamic well drilling programme both for the coastland and hinterland. He added that GWI now has three (3) rigs in operation so capacity building is an important component of its programme.

Mr. Baksh pointed out that GWI has skilled personnel whose capacity the company is working to further build. This, he said, will allow GWI to save money by drilling wells using in-house staff rather than doing so through external contracting companies. However, he stated that this does not mean that there isn’t a role for such external companies.

He congratulated the participants of the training, who will undergo more capacity building over the next month.