Hard work, dedication NGSA’s top performers’ recipe for success

Hard work and dedication are being credited by this year’s top National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) performers.

Neuel Bancroft of Annandale Primary, Angelica Subryan from Cumberland Primary, and Jos-el Educational Institute’s Jonathon Gomes shared this year’s top spot attaining 518 marks.

Bancroft who could not hold back his emotions said he was “quite excited and astonished. I never thought that I would have been placed so high in the NGSA exam. I have very sweaty palms because of all the nervousness that I felt during the buildup.”

Neuel Bancraft, NGSA top student

The accomplishment, he said, was a result of a strict study schedule which meant burning the mid-night oil.

“I used to read the consolidated curriculum every night so I can have an advantage over the rest of the students,”he explained.

Bancroft, an aspiring pilot, said finding a balance between playing and studying, played a major role in his success.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You should have some break time but not too much that it distracts from the purpose of studying,” was his advice to those who will be writing the exams.

Angelica Subryan, NGSA top student

Subryan said she was happy to accomplish such an astonishing feat, coming out on top of the 16,223 students who registered for the examinations.

The aspiring doctor said her success was a result of a lot of sacrifice and discipline.

“I had to do a lot of studying, wake up early, a lot of lessons and work to do. It was very hard and challenging,” she shared.

Jonathon Gomes, NGSA top student

Jonathon Gomes of Jos-el Educational Institute was visibly excited about his accomplishment.

His advice for others is “set goals for yourself, test yourself, change yourself and you can do anything if you set your mind to it.”

Parnita Kishun from the Dharmic Rama Krishna will also be attending Queen’s College after attaining 515 marks in the examinations. Kishun said she has ambitions to become a doctor.

“Put down the phones, pick up the books, prioritise your studies. Don’t give up, at times there will be challenges but once you try your best and you stay focused, anything is possible,” Kishun urged others who want to be successful.

Parnita Kishun, NGSA top student

Education Minister Priya Manickchand in her address said the students defied the odds and came out successful. This, she said, was inspite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the push back by many to delay the examinations.

The minister explained that textbooks were provided to every grade six pupil to ensure there was a level playing field. In addition, educational videos on the subject areas were placed on the Guyana Learning Channel.

Minister Manickchand explained that the students who wrote the exams stopped school in grade four and were deprived of learning traditionally.

“Guyana was one of the first countries that went out back to school, again in the face of calls by some not to do that. Today we see the benefit of that decision,”the minister stated.