Health ministry boosting efforts to prevent NCDs

The Ministry of Health will, this year advance its efforts in the fight against cervical cancer, which is part of its wider programme to reduce or end Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Cervical cancer is the second leading cancer in Guyana that affects women and while the ministry continues to spread awareness and provide Human Papilloma Virus− HPV vaccines, more resources have been allocated to help fight the disease in this year’s budget.

Minister Anthony poses with senior health officials as Cryotherapy Machines were handed over to be distributed in the various regions

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, during the recent examination of the Budget 2023 estimates said $22.6 million has been set aside for this purpose.

This will also cater for Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid −VIA and HPV Screening.

The ministry also distributed 20 cryotherapy machines to various regions to help in the treatment of this type of cancer.

In addition, $6 million was set aside to assist persons with kidney diseases and $82.7 million to provide insulin for diabetic patients.

“We have a number of diabetic patients that require insulin, and therefore we have to supply them with insulin. We have 183 children that would receive insulin because they have type one diabetes,” Dr Anthony said.

Meanwhile, support for patients dealing with the long-term effects of COVID-19 was also catered for.

“We have set aside $12.9 million to do respiratory management. What we are seeing now is some patients with long Covid. They have challenges breathing and they have some long-term challenges so they will require some special attention. Spirometry on a regular basis ad to have the physiotherapy department work with them so they will have some improvements,” Dr Anthony noted.

Apart from chronic NCDs, persons living with disabilities will also benefit from the allocation of $23 million, which will be used for the purchase of hearing aids which will be distributed free of cost

As of last year, we started to give these hearing aids free of cost…before that people had to pay 65 thousand dollars so now, they are going to get it for free,” the health minister said.

Wheel chairs, clutches and offloading footwear will also be purchased for diabetic patients.