Health specialists treat hundreds in Region One

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Health specialists deployed to Region One have treated hundreds of patients for various ailments as part of improving and expanding services for hinterland residents.

Director of Regional and Clinical Services, Dr. Kay Shako.

An internal medicine specialist, a general surgeon, a paediatrician and a radiologist and were sent to the region by the Regional Health Services Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

Director of Regional and Clinical Services, Dr. Kay Shako gave an update on the work done since their placement from March to mid-June: the general surgeon who started his work in March saw 226 patients; the paediatrician who went there in May had treated 167 patients; the internal medicine specialist saw 137 patients up to mid-June; and the radiologist 298 patients.

Dr Shako highlighted the importance of deploying such specialists to hinterland regions noting that “this can significantly reduce referrals.” Additionally, the presence of specialists in Region One eliminates the instance of waiting lists for specialised services which are usually available on medical outreaches provided by the ministry.

On this note, Dr Shako also detailed that the Regional Health Services Department has deployed other much needed human resources to various regions including the Barima-Waini Region. This, she said, is being done in an effort to improve primary health care in the regions.

Twenty-one medex have been sent to the ten administrative regions while 34 nurses have been deployed to Regions One, Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eight and Nine. Also, 34 government medical officers have been deployed within the first six months of 2018. “We’re talking about expanding primary care and we are and the right road towards achieving that,” Dr Shako declared.

By: Delicia Haynes.

Images: Anil Seelall.