“Hinterland education is on the right path” – Pres. Granger

─ Indigenous heritage month begins

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, September 1, 2019

“Hinterland education is being repositioned to help to eliminate inequalities and to ensure that every child goes to school and that no child is left behind.”

This was declared by His Excellency, President David Granger on Sunday at the ceremonial launch for Indigenous Heritage Month at the Sophia Exhibition Centre.

This year, the observances are being held under the theme, “Maintaining our traditional practices while promoting a green economy.”

The Head of State’s sentiments coincides with the country’s observation of education month which is celebrated every September as well. President Granger highlighted that education in the hinterland was boosted by the church 50 years ago and the task continues today.

Reiterating the administration’s commitment to the sector, he remarked:

Education is the cornerstone of government’s plans to ensure greater equality between the hinterland and the coastland, to reduce poverty and to provide greater economic opportunities for indigenous communities and peoples.”

Reminding the audience that before 2015, there were problems within the hinterland education system, the Head of State recalled that some hinterland schools and dormitories were in a deplorable state while there were reports of substance abuse were being made. He noted while hinterland education, is still a work in progress, the Coalition Government has made advancements.

According to the president, the hinterland educational infrastructure is being renovated, repaired and rehabilitated with several schools being among more than 100 educational institutions which have been built and upgraded.  Under this administration, schools in the hinterland now have access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which is boosting access to modern education. ICT hubs have been established in 171 communities, including in Aishalton, Annai, Baramita, Bartica, Iwokrama, Kato, and numerous villages across the country.

He remarked that the government’s creation of four capital towns “will ensure the establishment of a first-class secondary school in every capital town.”

Meanwhile, in his remarks, Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Hon. Sydney Allicock stated that government has provided technical training centres throughout the country.

“Today we have available to us, all the opportunities to refine the skills that are rooted in the spirit of the Indigenous peoples as it relates to caring for their natural environment which should never be taken lightly.”

He reiterated that the results of the government’s investment in the education sector are demonstrated in the stellar performance of students at the CSEC exams.

The ceremony saw a dance by the Nappi Culture Group a poem “Love being Indigenous” narrated and a song performed by the Surama Cultural.

Also present at the ceremonial launch was Prime Minister, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo, his wife, Sita Nagamootoo, members of the diplomatic corps and special invitees.