Indigenous villages urged to craft their development plans

— We are here to listen to you – Min. Trotman

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, November 24, 2019

Indigenous villages and communities are being urged to get ahead and be a major part of Guyana’s development, by crafting their own enhancement plans and ensuring these are followed accordingly.

As he met with residents in the Central Rupununi village of Nappi on Saturday afternoon, Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman, give a brief overview of what the country’s future would look like in a matter of months and urged the Nappi residents to ensure that their vision for their community is realised.

“Next year February is an important milestone in the country, Guyana will be celebrating its 50th Republic Anniversary, also before the 31st of December, Guyana will become an oil-producing nation,” Minister Trotman stated.

Highlighting the fact that Guyana’s expected oil revenue is projected in the billions, Minister Trotman said Guyana will become a different place. He said the country was given a resource and it must be managed well, hence the inclusion of all communities to come up with their own plans for development.

“We do not want the development to be coastal only. We want that development to spread from Coast to Hinterland and even the mountainous and other areas,” he noted.

“We are here to listen to you,” he assured residents.

As the meeting progressed, residents listed matters which needed to be addressed, these include; infrastructure development, computers for school children in the village, and a David ‘G’ bus, among others.

The requests were documented by the minister, with an assurance that these would be addressed.

Nappi, which now has the largest reservoir in the country, is poised for much development, Minister Trotman noted.