Jai Hind Cricket Club receives cash, floodlights

Members of the Jai Hind Cricket Club in Albion, East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six) are the recipients of a Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport donation of $800,000 and six floodlights.

Minister Hon. Charles Ramson Jr. told club members on Sunday that he is impressed with the progress of their ground, particularly since it was done without Government assistance.

He said while the donation fulfilled a pledge made to the Club, that commitment was a result of the of the members’ dedication to maintain their facility.

“This Club’s ground is one of the best grounds I have seen in this Region and it shows the level of dedication given by you, the members, to upkeep such a facility without any help and so this donation aims to enhance what is already here,” Minister Ramson said.  

Lamp posts are expected to be installed mid-December.

Minister Ramson travelled to Region Six on Sunday to deliver sport gear, equipment and funds to various sports grounds in communities including Chesney, Crabwood Creek and Line Path.

The initiative is in keeping with the Government’s overall plan to boost sport development and to hone a corps of professional athletes across several sport disciplines. 

Club representative, Mr. Anil Beharry expressed gratitude for the donation.

“This venue hosts a lot of cricket tournaments run by the Berbice Cricket Board and so we have this relationship of supporting each other and so this donation will encourage a lot of cricket among other sport discipline, to be conducted here. It will also give members of the community an opportunity to come out and exercise in the evening,” he told DPI.

Mr. Beharry said the Club provides trainees for the Albion Cricket Club and mentors other clubs focused on developing young cricketers for the Region.

The Jai Hind Cricket Club was established in 1940. However, preparations for the venue started in 1996. The venue has been praised as one of the best grounds around, despite its small outfield.

Regional Chairman, Mr.  David Armogan, Regional Vice Chairman, Mr. Zamal Hussain and other officials also attended the presentation ceremony at the Club’s ground.