Kaicumbay on the road to betterment

— well drilled at a depth of 100m deep

— potable water for all residents

— culverts built to enhance drainage

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, November 23, 2019

Leading a team of government officials to the beautiful and peaceful village of Kaicumbay in Central Rupununi, today, was Minister of Social Protection, Hon. Amna Ally. The visit, which started from Lethem and lasted three hours on the trail, is part of the continued effort of the administration to meet with residents in communities around the country.

In her remarks to the residents of Kaicumbay, Minister Ally noted that government will continue to deliver to all of Region 9.

“Our government has one mission, and that is to ensure all our people enjoy a good life. Our president has mandated all of us to bridge the gap between the coastland and hinterland. My ministry has spent more than $200M in your region, and as part of the SLED programme, a brand-new canter will be given to your community. We are all about bettering people’s lives. I guarantee you that more development is coming your way,” Min. Ally remarked.

The minister also noted that educational facilities, sports centres and internet access will soon be delivered, which are all in keeping with His Excellency, President David Granger’s vision for a better Guyana.

“I know that the Ministry of Communities, through the regional administration, has built culverts in your community to enhance drainage, and I must tell you that with an improved education sector, better facilities, including sports complexes and internet access is coming your way,” Minister Ally further noted.

The Social Protection Minister also donated care packages to the families in Kaicumbay and sport gear to the youths.

Also addressing the people of Kaicumbay was Managing Director of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, who noted that at the request of the residents, potable water is being provided. According to the GWI director, the water is not only good for human consumption but also economic activities.

“You, the people of Kaicumbay, asked us as a government for potable water, and we have delivered a drilled well here, and, additionally, lines are connected to every home, so no one has to walk any distance to get proper water. It is in your homes. This action is in keeping with President Granger’s mandate, and that is bridging the gap between the coastland and hinterland. We are one Guyana,” Dr. West-Charles noted.

The well, which is powered by solar energy, was dug to a depth of 100metres, and has a diameter of 150mm. It is estimated at $13M.