Karrau residents to benefit from $70M in road projects

Residents of Karrau, an Amerindian Village in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), will benefit from some $70 million in road works.

Public Works, Bishop Minister Juan Edghill in the Amerindian community of Karrau, Region Seven

The infrastructural works are some of the largest to be implemented in the village.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill said the project is part of the PPP/C Administration’s commitment to upgrade 2,000 kilometres of hinterland roads.

Residents of Karrau, Region Seven

The minister was at the time delivering remarks on the major infrastructural project, set to begin with immediate effect, at the Karrau Community Ground on Thursday.

“The reason why I am here is to bring you good news because we only bring good news. We have awarded the contract of almost $70 million for the upgrade of roads in Karrau.  And this is part of our commitment when we went to the elections in 2020, we said we will do 2,000 kilometres of hinterland roads. We [government] put that in black and white,” he said.

Romeo Smith, resident of Karrau, Region Seven

The road works will span approximately five kilometres, covering all the internal roads in the village.

The minister said, “not only did cabinet offer no objections and the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board offer the award but the contract has been signed.”

To this end, the contractor carrying out the project is JBS Investment Inc.

The minister noted that the contractor is expected to be fully mobilised within a few weeks.

Additionally, the village’s Toshao Shane Cornelius will obtain an unpriced bill of quantities within a few days.

This will enable the village to monitor and inspect the project to ensure it is being done within the specifications.

Angela Phillips, resident of Karrau, Region Seven

The minister highlighted that this is being done to offer transparency to citizens.

“We are a government that is committed to transparency. We believe in good governance. We believe in accountability. The people who are the beneficiaries must know what the government is spending the money on, and if it isn’t correct bring it to our attention to ensure that you are getting proper delivery,” Minister Edghill said.

Contractors who carry out infrastructural works on behalf of the government are also being urged to employ residents from within the communities they are assigned work.

This is being done to foster community engagement and economic growth within the area while residents benefit from improved roads.

We have said to contractors all across the country that when you get a job and go into a local area, employ people from the area because infrastructural development must mean better infrastructure, but it must also bring employment to the community while you are benefiting from a new road”, he noted.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to several residents who expressed gratitude for the infrastructural works set to begin in their community.

Resident Romeo Smith said, “It is a very good thing to see the minister on the ground and that he can actually see what is happening with the road and see the situation that the villagers are facing so that he can make the best decision based on first-hand experience.”

Smith further stated that major strides are being made by the government since returning to office.

Since the government took office, we are seeing a lot of work especially in our community and in the news, we will see other parts of Guyana but in this community especially there is a lot of work that is taking place and we are seeing development”, Smith said.

Another resident, Angela Phillips shared similar sentiments.

Phillips expressed happiness to hear that the roads will finally be done.

“I am also happy that the minister travelled on the road to feel what it is like… and I am so happy that today we got positive word from him that our road is going to be done.”

Phillips also stated that the village is experiencing major development under the PPP/C Administration.

“I think the government is doing a great job within our village because a lot of things we have been asking for, and we see that we are getting it. So, I think they are doing good work, thumbs up to them.”

In addition, Minister Edghill assured residents that he will be returning to inspect the road upon completion.