Labour ministry reaffirms zero-tolerance for unsafe working environment

The Ministry of Labour- Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) department will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to an unsafe and unhealthy working environment.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton continues to implore employees to speak up against such an environment and encouraged employers to lead by example.

The minister made the plea during the OSH seminar for the Clerical and Commercial Workers’ Union on Wednesday.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton speaking at the seminar on Wednesday

“For employees themselves, you have to pay attention. The law is on your side, because it says you can object to anyone putting you in a situation that is dangerous to work.”

He said the Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali – led Government remains committed to equally serving both parties.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Ministry of Labour and the Government of Guyana as a whole is strongly committed to the welfare of workers. The protection of workers’ safety and health is an important mission of the ministry.”

Minister Hamilton noted that even though there has been a decline in workplace fatalities during the years 2020 to 2022, more work still needs to be done.   

Participants at the seminar on Wednesday

The minister made it clear that he will intervene if any workplace is found guilty of non-compliance to the safety rules.  

“Under my watch, we have shut down construction companies, never happened before in this life…As the union representatives, employees and employers, I’m saying to you today that you can count on me,” the minister assured.

The seminar was held in celebration of occupational safety and health month and saw participants from various organisations in Regions Three, Four, Six and 10.