Laluni main access road to be repaired soon – Min Edghill

Residents of the agricultural community of Laluni, located aback Kuru Kururu on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, will soon have improved access to transportation, as the community’s main access road is set for rehabilitation.

The commitment was made by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, during a meeting with residents on Wednesday.  

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill MP addressing residents of Laluni

Residents had noted the difficulty in getting their produce to the market. Immediately, Minister Edghill asked that a committee be formed and made a commitment to fix the road.

However, he made it clear that they would not be able to get an all-weather asphaltic road since funds will not be available for such a project until the next budget.

“I want you to name three people who the engineers will come and go to the road with, so we could do some sectional maintenance, and we could agree on what are the bad spots, so we could get an immediate relief.

State of the road in Laluni

I would want that by next week Monday afternoon, we could agree, that your committee and my engineers and what we will do for immediate interventions, and we will be able to look at the cost and then I will have the headache to find the money with the support with what you are doing to get done what needs to be done,” he further added.

Minister Edghill told residents that while everything could not be done instantly; government’s intention is to bring relief to the people of Laluni in the “shortest possible time.”

Meanwhile, residents said they were impressed by the minister’s swift intervention to better their lives.

Mr. Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson said he had met with Minister Edghill and requested that he visit the community.  He said the request was made on Saturday and was happy that the minister responded with haste.

“I felt it was a good decision because right now the vehicle that brings in people, they are talking a lot about it because they have the cars and so on and sometimes you have load to bring in and cars dropping in holes. I think this is a very good decision and to do it so quickly, that is very good.”

Ms. Savitri Bishundat

Ms. Savitri Bishundat said the fixing of the road will really assist farmers. Ms. Bishundat said “Laluni is a farming area and the road is very important and the initiative that he came up with to assist us to repair the road for the time so that when the budget go through, he can do a better road to use in the long term. So, the farmers will benefit.”

Mr. Neville Ferreira

Mr. Neville Ferreira expressed similar sentiments, stating that “the road will ease a lot of the strain on the community because instead of taking an hour to reach out to Kurukuru, you will take 20 to 25 minutes or so… less gas, less wear and tear on your vehicle and give you a chance to get out faster with your produce.”

State of the road in Laluni

Residents also took the opportunity to raise other issues affecting them in the community. Minister Edghill assured residents that every concern raised will be directed to the relevant minister.