LGE 2023: Charlestown/Albouystown voters satisfied with process

Citizens in the Charlestown/Albouystown area have expressed satisfaction with the smooth voting process.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) on Monday spoke to several residents in the area, including Rudolph Marshall who noted that the freedom to exercise one’s franchise to vote, must not be taken for granted.

Rudolph Marshall checking the voters’ list

“It’s your constitutional right to vote, I’ve done that since I got to the age of voting. I haven’t changed, I never stopped voting, so I would advise anybody to get out and vote,” Marshall stated.  

He is also thankful for the smooth process which allowed him to exit the polling station in minutes.

Pamela Andrew, who voted at the Ketley Primary School polling station was excited to exercise her franchise.

Pamela Andrew

“The voting process was cool. My name was checked out and everything was okay,” she told DPI.

Despite a knee issue, Simeon Williams made his way to St. Pius Primary School to cast his vote.

“It was simple,” Williams described the voting process.

When asked if he would encourage others to come out and vote, Williams excitedly emphasised, “Most naturally! That’s your democratic right.”

A few persons were unable to locate their names on the voters’ list, but this issue was quickly resolved.

By voting in the LGE, citizens are able to elect representatives at the local level who will make decisions on behalf of their respective communities. It also allows every citizen to have a say in what takes place in the areas they reside.