Linden’s NGO empowering youths through ‘girl power’ movement

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, June 17, 2018

Linden’s ‘For the Children Sake Foundation’ has taken aim at empowering young women and girls through its recently launched ‘Girl Power’ initiative.

The programme was launched under the theme, “To empower, to encourage and to inspire”. According to the programme’s Coordinator, Tishon Fraser, it has been initiated by the NGO as a means of empowering girls and young women.

Tishon Fraser (centre) interacts with young adolescent girls during the launch of the Girl Power initiative

A recruitment exercise was recently hosted where young women and adolescents were registered to be part of a mentorship programme and to also benefit from various training exercises. “We’re looking at ages 10 to 24 because we think girls at this stage are more vulnerable. They are the ones that are more affected by these social, health and educational issues in society today. So, this is why we chose this age range and we’re empowering them,” Fraser explained.

Various community leaders have so far been selected to provide training and guidance. “We’re also going to be using community leaders as role models for these young people. We’re going to ask persons to mentor these young girls, to have older ‘sisters’ be part of the programme that will help with the younger girls,” Fraser added

At the recent launch, there was a photographic display of some “phenomenal and influential” women in society. Fraser said the NGO included persons from various sectors, including education to be part of the initiative.  “We have (involved) different women in society, who are making a change and having an impact in trying to better our young women.”  Also on display was information on making positive choices and learning more about the reproductive system.

In order to empower young people and prevent social and educational issues, the group is mainly focusing on preventative measures. ‘Girl Power’ also seeks to empower, through knowledge, in an effort for youths to make informed decisions. The NGO will also conduct entrepreneurship programmes.

“We’re not stopping only in this community, this region, but we’re going to go out in the other regions and we’re going to get communities involved. We’re going to have ministries involved. We’re going to have everybody involved. So we can fight and advocate for the betterment of our young people.”

Another ‘Girl Power’ initiative was recently launched in the community by Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes.

By: Vanessa Braithwaite

Image: Vanessa Braithwaite