Mahaica community ground to be rehabilitated

“This is a mobile govt – it is going to the people to address their concerns” – PM Nagamootoo

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, July 6, 2019

Director of Sport, Christopher Jones has committed himself to implement much-needed rehabilitative works to various playgrounds within the Mahaica community to assist in youth development.

This was in response to a plea highlighted by a concerned resident, on Saturday, during a community meeting held at Mahaica Primary School.

According to the Sport Director, under the Department of Sport’s ground enhancement programme, approximately 476 playgrounds across the country have been slated to undergo rehabilitation works which now includes the playgrounds in Mahaica.

He noted that this initiative aims to provide the platform for athletic development across Guyana. It also seeks to harness quality athletes by ensuring they have the necessary facilities to hone their skills.

“Progress takes time as and the government has been implementing various initiatives during these past four years across country… We have not forgotten our community,” Director Jones said.

Among the other issues raised were the need for road upgrades, implementation of ICT hub and educational programmes.

Responding to issues raised, Vice-Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) for Region 4, Earl Lambert noted that while some of these matters do not fall under the purview of the RDC, he will work with the relevant authorities to ensure that the necessary works are done on time.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo, who was also present at the community meeting, reiterated that:

“This is a mobile government, a government on wheels – it is going to the people to address their concerns.”

Images: Marceano Narine