Men must play a role in leading Guyana forward – Minister Dharmalall

MOM initiative launched in Region For to empower boys, men 

Local Government and Regional Development Minister Nigel Dharamlall, members of the joint services, regional and community representatives and members of the business community delivered motivational speeches to participants who were in attendance.

Minister Dharamlall along with participants

Speaking at the event, Minister Dharamlall said Guyana will not achieve its fullest potential if men do not take up the critical role of being good, effective and functional in today’s society.

“How we position our country with all the wealth that we have, will determine the future of our country…and the future of our country would never be one that is successful unless the men of this country, the boys of this country, play a more critical role.

So, we have to be more accountable even at the household level, we have to start being accountable for actions event at the household level, we have start being accountable at the community level and also at the national level,” Minister Dharamlall expressed.

Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Nigel Dharamlall delivering his speech

He urged the participants to take care of their health and become leaders at all levels.

The Men on Mission aims to eradicate violence and other ills affecting Guyana’s society and to uplift the younger generation of men.

It will operate on three fundamental pillars including Diagnostics which needs assessments to ascertain the challenges faced by men.

There will be capacity building, job creation and entrepreneurship. It also involves working with private sector, and non-governmental organisation to make available to men, services of support, and recreational and fitness activities.

Some of the participants who attended the launching exercise on Saturday

The MoM will be visiting every community in Region Four.

“Some of you will have to start taking the Men on Mission message to communities in which you reside but you can be assured that President Ali is behind you, beside you and with you moving this mission to make men better in our country to elevate the circumstances of the male youth and to develop our country with due respect to all,” the minister added. This will anticipate a change in society and bring about a positive life for every single community. It will also make men better at being good men, responsible men and youths in society.