Message by His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana on the occasion of Phagwah 2022

His Excellency Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

I extend greetings to all Guyanese, but especially to our Hindu community, on the joyous festival of Phagwah. This year’s observance finds our nation upbeat, confident and assured about its future.

Phagwah reaffirms our common humanity. The zestful sprinkling of ‘abeer’ and the liberal smearing of ‘abrack’ symbolically erase social and economic distinctions. No wonder Guyanese of all classes and ethnicities join in enthusiastically celebrating this joyous festival in a carnival of colours.

The religious significance of Phagwah recalls the eternal belief shared by peoples of all faiths: that goodness will eventually triumph over evil; that gloom and difficulties are but transitory and will eventually give way to resurgent hope and harmony; and that we must offer thanks and praise for the nature’s bounty.

This year, we have much cause for celebration. Our country is on the path towards a return to normalcy. The evidence suggests that the local COVID-19 outbreak is waning, so much so that we have been able to relax social restrictions. However, we must continue to exercise good sense.

Our economy is becoming stronger. It is rebounding from the two-year-long effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses, both local and foreign, are capitalizing on the unfolding opportunities and, in the process, generating jobs and providing incomes for our citizens.

The One Guyana agenda is gaining traction and bringing our people closer together. It is promoting peace, unity, and it is also creating conditions for the benefit of the common good.

Guyanese are a resilient people. Faced in the past with daunting and difficult circumstances, they have proven adept and resourceful in overcoming challenges. As such, I am supremely confident that with the interventions planned by my government, we will surmount the problems associated with the global supply chain crisis and the effects of the war in Eastern Europe.

As we observe the festival of Phgawah, let us spare a thought for our sisters and brothers not only in Ukraine but in other parts of the world who are subject to the horrific effects of war. Let us also commit to ensuring continued peace and greater harmony at home. 

A happy and joyous Phagwah to all!