Message from Hon. Savitri Sonia Parag, Minister of Public Service on the occasion of Public Service Day 2023

Global survival relies on the sustainability of services necessary for human life – access to clean water, healthy foods, proper healthcare, housing and education, just to name a few.

Notably, public servants are the ones tasked with ensuring the sustainable advancement of each of these sectors and many more.

From the Head of State of a country to the trainee clerks and cleaners, public servants are truly the unsung heroes of the world; the backbone of any civilised society.

Today, on June 23, 2023, we join our colleagues in the United Nations to salute the past, present and future public servants of the world, especially the Guyanese men and women who continue to go above and beyond to build our country.

The Government of Guyana has recognised that the happiness and comprehensive wellbeing of our public servants are critical to national development. As a result, the Dr. Irfaan Ali-led administration will continue to provide public servants with all that they need to thrive, not only in their workspaces but in their homes and within their families as well.

We hope to achieve personal, community and national prosperity by investing heavily in the things that matter most – better infrastructure, improved access to housing and water, proper healthcare, and many opportunities for academic advancement and capacity-building.

As a people, and as employees of the public service, we have much to achieve. Our successes will be many; it will be collective, and it will be equitable.

The journey to a prosperous life, as a One Guyana, has only just begun.

A blessed Public Service Day to you all.