Min. Broomes calls for expediency in court matters involving miners

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─ regarding claims and land ownership

─ minister hosted ‘Open Day’ on Wednesday

─ assured that roads in the town are catered for in Budget 2019

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Without overstepping boundaries, Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes is urging expediency in court matters, involving mining disputes of claims and land ownership.

According to the minister, this was among the matters brought before her in Mahdia (Region 8), during her ministry’s Open Day hosted on Wednesday morning.

“A serious problem here is the number of mining properties around the area, most of them tied up in the court,” said Minister Broomes.

While the minister acknowledged that court matters are out of her remit, and have to stay their course, she noted that several of the properties in dispute are mineral bearing areas, and delays are causing tension.

“Some of the properties tied up in the court are mineral bearing areas, so there is a big tension but of course that does not fall under the ministry, that is directly in the court.”

One of the matters currently before the court is in an area called ‘Tiger Creek’ approximately 10 to 15 minutes by road from Central Mahdia.

The Emmanuel family has mined the area for many years; however, another miner has been laying claims to the property. What is of concern to the Minister Broomes, is the fact that the matter has been before the court since 2016.

Lucille Emmanuel, who now owns the property since the passing of her husband, Winston Emmanuel, told our media crew of her frustration.

“Right now, it is being raided by the Mahdia community. I reported it to GGMC, and they give me a prompt attendance… but something wrong somewhere because I cannot see that my lawyer calling and he is not getting any justice from the court, all he could understand is that the judge is not in chamber, he is in Essequibo,” Emmanuel related.

Minister Broomes describes as ‘sad’ the length of time the matter has taken, and to date has still not been resolved.

Other matters before the minister during the ‘Open Day’ included calls for road development.

In response, Minister Broomes says this has been catered for in this year’s budget.

“Roads are a concern raised by the miners, some of the roads that they raised concerns about are catered for in the budget, so those will be done,” Minister Broomes explained.

Felecia Valenzuela.

Images: Tejpaul Bridgemohan.


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