Min. Sukhai conducts follow-up visit to Chenapou

– delivers additional items to students affected by Mahdia Tragedy

The government continues to fulfill its promise of providing additional support for the bereaved families following the Mahdia tragedy, which claimed the lives of 20 children.

In keeping with this commitment, Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai conducted another visit to Chenapou, where she interacted with survivors of the ordeal in the company of their families.

Additional items were delivered to survivors of the Mahdia Fire

The minister had indepth conversations with them, ensuring they are receiving adequate psychosocial support, while assuring them that the relevant ministries are looking into their concerns.

These include a proposed secondary school in the community and psychological support to those traumatised by the event.

“We remain committed to supporting all the families,” the minister expressed during her visit.

Following the fire in May, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali immediately assigned ministers to each family affected, as a comprehensive support mechanism was put in place.

The Cabinet members are tasked with directly engaging the families who lost their children and those who survived the tragedy.

During her visit, additional items were delivered to the students who lost all their belongings in the fire. The minister was accompanied by Project Coordinator Besham Ramsaywack and Community Development Officer Kurt Perreia.

Villagers also had the chance to raise issues with the minister, who assured them that their concerns will be brought to the attention of the relevant ministries.