Minister Broomes meets with Number Eight village residents

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, May 8, 2017

The government is looking at areas to develop and bring human empowerment back to Berbice, Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes told Number Eight residents. The Minister met with residents at the West Berbice Secondary School on Sunday.

Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes

Minister Broomes explained that the outreach is not part of a campaign rather; it is part of the government’s mandate to look for solutions to the numerous issues affecting communities across the country, “So that at the end of the day- while it was this government who strived to ensure that you had your local government election- that there is not a break down between the local system and the central,” Minister Broomes told residents.

Minister Broomes noted that it is this government that takes the effort to meet with the people to find solutions to their problems. Residents of Number Eight had several issues which they shared with the minister with the hope of having them addressed.

Agriculture was at the top of the list of concerns that residents hoped to see some redress.  One resident pointed out that while he does not oppose the increase in rent for agricultural lands, he stated that, “We need upgradement in the agriculture side, but the rent is too high, they step too high on it.”

Another resident, Mohamed Deen Isahack, queried why the veterinarian was not working on weekends. He explained that when he calls the veterinarian he is told “they (are) not working.”

Minister Broomes assured the residents that she will engage the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that the community gets clarity on agricultural issues.

Meanwhile, president of the Berbice Mining Syndicate, Kester Wade raised concerns about accessing lands to mine. Wade alleged that there are two individuals who are trying to block the syndicate from obtaining lands in the Berbice area. Wade’s claim was backed by several other members of the syndicate who noted that lands were a “bread and butter” issue for many miners.

Minister Broomes said she would investigate the claims being made. The Minister noted that the syndicate’s application for land was

Residents of Number Eight village listen to Minister Simona Broomes during the outreach

currently being processed by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).

Minister Broomes explained that syndicates are an initiative of the government that seek to “be a legacy for the ordinary miner”.

Other issues raised included the behaviour of youths in the community. Deputy Regional Executive Officer, Govind Singh pointed out to the Minister that across the region, school children are destroying the school’s property.

“The students to some extent, they (are) deliberately breaking the lights off going into the washroom breaking up the pipes and so on,” the DREO explained even as cleaners at the Number Eight Secondary School complained to the Minister about the lack of adequate cleaning agents to carry out their work.

The Minister noted there was “local breakdown” and admonished the community to “take action” for their young people. “I hope we start to take some responsibilities ourselves if we are serious about moving Guyana forward and leaving legacies for the young people we have to deal with,” Minister Broomes said.


By: Tiffny Rhodius


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